How to install SSL Certificate in VestaCP

Step 1: Generate a CSR code on VestaCP

  1. Login to VestaCP
  2. Click Web menu
  3. Edit the Domain
  4. Scroll down and see “SSL Support” check box. check this box.
  5. Click on “Generate CSR” link, it will navigate to another page where you enter a form, enter details and generate,  3 keys in the below boxes.
    1. SSL CSR
    2. SSL Certificate
    3. SSL Key (NOTE: Make sure you save the private key in a separate plain text file on your local computer or server)
  6. Use this SSL CSR key to generate your domain ssl approval process. After you will receive an email with 2 files .ca-bundle and .crt file.
  7. Now edit both .ca-bundle and .crt file in notepad.
  8. Copy .crt text and past into the “SSL Certificate / Generate CSR” field.
  9. Copy SSL Key which you saved during the generation and past in the “SSL Key” field.
  10. Open the .ca-bundle file and copy the first SSL certificate key and past into SSL Certificate Authority / Intermediate (optional)
  11. Click on Save. that’s it.


Final word: Fill in the fields below with their corresponding SSL files:

  • SSL Certificate: paste your primary SSL certificate which you received in .crt file.
  • SSL Key: paste your private key which you saved (SSL Key) during the generation of Certificate.
  • SSL Certificate Authority/Intermediate: enter your CA Bundle first SSL Certificate

Save it now.

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